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Sterling’s Top 10 Decorative Picks for 2021!

Bover – Valentina

Reminiscent of the lines that waves leave behind in the sand, this fixture has a wavy perimeter in unison with the pattern on the inner shade. Providing a gentle and warm glow of light, the contrast of the colour combinations of inner and outer shades guarantee an airy balance within any space. We think this fixture works best as a tranquil fixture for a powder room or bathroom, in a grouping of 2 or 3 over a kitchen island or even a bunch lined up in a restaurant over a bar!

Bover – Drip/Drop Pendant

This system is such a versatile work of art! The borosilicate glass is a tasteful material to use given the delicacy and translucency which allows plenty of light to stream through. This material also reflects the light creating shadows and sparkles illuminating any room with intimacy. The glass is made in 2 separate shapes giving meaning to the name, one shape being ‘drip’ the other being ‘drop’. Creator Christophe Mathieu explains "I always bear in mind the space where a lamp is going to be located because that is where it becomes meaningful". We couldn’t agree more! The countless configurations of singular, linear and multi-canopy pendant options work in numerous places to create a truly captivating space, not to mention it's a modular system that also works with their Skybell track and on a low voltage (48v) track.

Karman – Stant

One of Karman’s newest fixtures, and lighting systems is the Stant! This system can be ordered and installed in various configurations. One being a circular pendant, another being a linear wall & ceiling system and lastly a classic linear pendant. Luminaries include spot lights and globes that accessorize this track style lighting system giving it excellent balance between an architectural feature and a decorative element. If your space allows for it, the largest circular fixture measures over 6 feet in diameter and the linear system up 9.5 feet!

Karman – Circus

At first glance can you tell this fixture is made of GLASS?! Yep, that’s right. Three different shapes make up this circus family! A process done by hand, these mesmerizing fixtures are glass-blown in Italy and then configured into a pendant light with a universal E26 socket for use with any bulb up to 105 Watts. The purity and simplicity of this fixture is almost like putting an adult spin on our more cherished childhood memories of visiting the circus… and we’re here for it!

AndCosta – Luna

Yes we know it’s just another ring fixture.. but, it’s minimal suspension hardware, the versatility to install it horizontally or vertically and the opal membrane diffuser used to give the light a material to pass through and illuminate are the reasons why this one made our list! It was conceptualized so well especially with the powder coated matt white, black or brass options for the perimeter. This fixture can be hung both ways in one project for added drama.

AndCosta – Vento

This floor lamp is just so modern and sleek, there’s no question it would also have a built-in table for functionality as well! It’s shape is minimalist but comforting, with the thin arm cascading over top of a reading nook or your favourite cozy chair immersing you into a cocoon of light.

Decimal – Ananas

The newest collection from this brand is simple and elegant. Yet, the best part is that these fixtures are made from recycled plastic and bio-resins making the process a part of a waste-free circular economy! Even their 3D print manufacturing is on-demand so that only what is needed is made! The cool geo pattern and likeness to the sweet tropical pineapple fruit welcomes anyone who sees it into that space with open arms.

Decimal – Baleen

Another great part about this company is that they have made a singular LED module that is used throughout all of their collections making the production of their products that much more unique and simplistic. The Baleen is a soft shape that is quite abstract in itself, yet has an intriguing symmetry. In a grouping of 3 over a dining table it screams with personality.

Artika – Emeraude

Everyone needs a mirror in their bathroom. It’s a simple fact in life. But did you know you could get one that doesn’t fog after a shower? One that illuminates your face without causing shadows? One that dims to your liking and uses the colour temperature that best suits your particular need? YES! ALL OF THAT-in one affordable circular or rectangular wall mirror.

Artika – Salto

The line of Artika Pro products also brings us this high quality LED chandelier which looks like an optical illusion, especially when it's lit up in all of it's 1100 lumen glory! Whether it's in an entranceway a small lobby or over a dining table, this is a modern 'twist' on a classic ring fixture in matte black or chrome plated.

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