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Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Karman


Karman is known for the story they tell about their lighting fixtures using enticing marketing campaigns that invite us into their wonderous world of light. However, the newest 2021 campaign has resonated with us at Sterling more than ever!

Jeffry and Sandra, two Ghanaian models now living in Europe and experiencing their own hardships, have partnered with Karman to help bring their vision to life. If you’re familiar with Karman, you know that they aren’t afraid to think outside of the box and push boundaries. Being a black-owned business and having gone through my own struggles, the imagery in their newest campaign immediately stood out. This, in part is why we decided to feature Karman in our manufacturer’s spotlight series this month.

Whether it’s their quirky, eye-grabbing imagery or their fun marketing videos (check them out on YouTube, they’re actually really good!), Karman is always pushing the boundaries! Their new collection is no exception! For this article, we’ll be talking about our favourites.

The Stant by Edmondo Testaguzza has a modern industrial look while also being a modular fixture with endless configurations. They offer standard circular and linear configurations of the track while providing 2 options of blon glass globe sizes and even a directional spot. The Stant can be suspended, mounted to the ceiling and even continued down a wall. The choice is yours to create the configuration that works best for your project!

The Circus by Matteo Ugolini & Edmondo Testaguzza immediately captures your eyes with it’s mesmerizing stripes and shape that mimic the traditional circus tent. Available in 3 shapes, this white glass pendant adds a pop of character to any type of space.

The Fireman gives off the industrial feel and is a clear tribute to the old New York style fire escapes. Designed by Marc Sadler which is known for his iconic lighting products at Foscarini, Fabbian, and Slamp (to name a few), Fireman uses an integrated LED source and can span up to over 10 feet high! The two light sources are also dimmable by an app making this a modern throwback.

The Sibilla, designed by Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo comes in three standard configurations to give off a soft glow of light that isn’t too harsh on the eyes. The light is reflected in the shade and the multidirectional sources offer a beautiful ambient light in your space.

Stralunata, Moonbloom, and Filomena, all designed by Matteo Ugolini use a dedicated integrated and directional LED light source. Since the light is indirect and cast upward, the Stralunata in particular takes it to the next level by added a thin aluminum plate to reflect light back downward. Whether done as a single pendant over a table or a cluster in a large atrium, the versatility of these style of fixtures is quite evident.

Lastly, the Corrado is the newest addition to the Karman Zoo! Another Matteo exclusive, the Corrado adds a level of fierceness and attitude that you cant take your eyes off of! Available in white, grey, or black velvet and trust us, the black velvet (shown above) is a texture that only adds to the realistic look!

For more information, contact us and follow our Instagram @sterling_lighting for a look at all new products and some beautifully completed projects! We would love to see what ideas you may have for this new collection!

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