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Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Flexalighting

Although Flexalighting North America’s products are designed in Italy, they are proudly manufactured in Canada – Surrey B.C. to be exact. Having manufacturing done in Canada, we can rest easy knowing that all of their products are certified for the North American market and lead time for them is quick and efficient.

The typical lead time for Flexalighting NA is 2-4 weeks with stock of their housings and drivers in warehouse. To make manufacturing even more efficient, some product parts are also kept in stock contributing to a shorter lead time. The light quality is hard to deny with the colour rendering index falling between 93 – 98CRI (with high R values throughout) including their dim to warm fixtures. Not only their light quality, but their customer service, range of products, and modern architectural design make this lighting manufacturer hard to compete with.

Trimmed Recessed Fixed Downlights

Flexalighting NA has over 30 trimmed recessed fixed downlights to choose from. Their minimal design is ironically what captures the eye. Even trims as small as a few millimeters disappear into the ceiling once installed. They offer a range of different wattages, outputs, types, and configurations to get the lighting right for your space. For example, The Black or Hap series works great in lower lit restaurant environments and home theatres as they offer multiples- from single to quadruple downlights.

The Kol (pictured above) is a great, low profile fixture to use when you have height restrictions (only 2.45”H but still 445lms delivered @ 3000K) and the same applies to their IP67 rated outdoor fixtures as well! Using similar looking and performing fixtures outdoor ensures continuity from the inside out and vice versa.

Trimmed Indoor Recessed Optic Downlights

Visual comfort should be high on the priority list when selecting downlights and Flexalighting North America has certainly kept that in mind. While they offer lensing options (like their anti-glare louver) they also offer recessed optic downlights. The Core 10 shown above is a perfect example. At 10W, (977lms @ 3000K) the fixture has a small trim but also, a conical reflector with the LED chip recessed in its base. This minimizes the amount of glare and offers much more visual comfort to those beneath. In addition, there are also super narrow beam options (as narrow as a 5° beam angle) and believe it or not, the same can be said about their outdoor fixtures of this nature.

Trimless Downlights

Having a truly trimless fixture is to become a part of the architecture and can take your design to the next level! Flexalighting North America offers this in the above mentioned styles but also in their adjustable fixtures too! They are manufactured with easy to install mud flanges that house the fixture and allow it to become part of your architecture once plastered in. Afterwards, the downlight can be easily installed inside. You can have multiples in a fixed housing (Moon Series) or even a multiple with adjustable capabilities like the Milo Series downlights pictured above. These trimless fixtures maintain the added benefit of selecting particular optics, high CRI, and visual comfort giving them a competitive edge.


In addition to Flexalighting NA’s small downlights, they’ve included the same design aesthetic in their step lights, both indoor and out. Reap the benefits of their asymmetric lens with the Sorel and Bean or take advantage of the dual emission Bang light. These steplights come with a range of standard finish options as well as custom finish options as requested. Adding another dimension to your lighting design by choosing the right fixture for your needs just got easier!

Inground Recessed (Up Lights)

Inground recessed lights are extremely important for wayfinding, general lighting, or accentuating an architectural feature. They come as small as 1.19” in diameter, have a wide range of flexibility for optics, and great outdoor finishes (including stainless steel). The Tyla is great as a marker light while the Jena series (pictured above) has a lens that can tilt 20° to point towards walls proving that there is an uplight for every possible need and design feature.

Surface Mounted Fixtures

Taking a step away from their recessed fixtures, Flexalighting also offers a wide range of surface mounted wall and ceiling fixtures. From cylinders, to cubes, to multi directional sconces, Flexalighting NA has you covered both indoor and outdoor. Despite being surface mounted fixtures, you don’t lose any of the qualities you get from their recessed downlights. You still get your high CRI lighting, various optics, small form factor, quality finishes, and enough variability to meet various application needs. You can have the Art as your 24V outdoor surface mounted downlight while using the Keller D as your bi-directional wall sconce or the Marupe 12 (only 3.15”D & pictured above) as a bi-directional indoor sconce for a low profile appearance, all while maintaining a uniform look throughout.

Track Systems

Flexalighting North America has a wide range of track systems.

Their line voltage track includes fixtures like the Bull Precision (pictured above) which offers a 10°, narrow beam option.

The 24V, low voltage track system offers a wide range of minimal track heads and linear components that offer great light outputs despite their small size. The Jos series (pictured above) for example is a 1.57” diameter tube in a nested stem that can be tilted 90° to be used as spot light or downlight and can rotate 358°.

The Octo System offers both a surface mounted track and a suspended linear track additionally providing indirect lighting. The octo is only 1.5”W and boasts a high level of customization ability.

The Maggy system is a trimless recessed track where the fixed downlights, adjustable spots, projectors, or linear elements can be magnetically mounted in either a 1.5”W or 3”W opening. Similar to the Octo, the Maggy offers a high level of customization while appearing modern and sleek.


Flexalighting NA has a lot to offer in terms of projectors. They manufacture more retail-oriented lights like the Sasha/Mini Sasha series or small IP67 projectors like the Olu series. When it comes to quality in optics, the story always stays the same- small fixtures with great light output and quality finishes. The options are seemingly endless for you to shine a little extra light where needed.


With a modest collection of bollards that are modern and minimal, they sure get the job done! The outdoor weather-proof finishes like Cor-Ten Steel give your projects a timeless look while holding up in even the harshest Canadian winters.

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