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Sterling's Top 10 Lighting Picks for 2021!

Flexalighting – Maggy System

The versatility of this recessed track system is endless! Available with a 1 .5” or 3” opening and a range of high CRI lighting components from downlights, spotlights, projectors, and linear elements. Fixtures are mounted magnetically so you have the flexibility to move as needed. Yes, some of the fixtures are named after your favorite musicians and yes it was done on purpose!

Lumenture – Hallway Light

When we first saw this product our first thought was “We've never seen anything like this before!) and when we saw how it performs, we thought “Ok, we definitely haven’t seen anything like this!” This brilliant recessed fixture is only 5-5/8” square, only protrudes out of the ceiling ½” and is a great way to evenly illuminate your corridor. Ditch your traditional downlights and brilliantly illuminate the corridors of your next project!

RJ Cross- Perch

The all-new Perch from RJ Cross adds a little extra excitement to their architectural product line! Full 360° illumination with no shadows, or used as a direct or indirect light. The cylinder is modular and can be combined together to create your necessary run length. Available as a horizontal or vertical pendant for architectural and design applications!

Omnify Lighting – OmniSheet

This one here’s a no brainer! The second generation of the original LumiSheet, the OmniSheet takes custom backlighting to another level. Fully customizable, any shape or size- the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s illuminating your kitchen backsplash, island countertop, bar shelves, architectural feature, or a custom display, the OmniSheet is always the answer! This can be created as thin as 6mm, available in static color temperatures, variable white, or even RGBW! The OmniSheet gives you the ability to get as creative as your mind will allow you!

Karman - Amsterdam

Picture this – You’re sitting at home (since we can’t really go anywhere) your cute little bulldog walks by and you think to yourself “If I could put that cute little face on my wall I would!”. Well look no further than the Karman Amsterdam wall. This little guy is a part of their Karman Zoo (Yes, they have a collection of animals in their lighting brand and yes, we know it’s amazing!). If you’re in need of unique lighting or if you're trying to find out how you can get your spirit animal as a lighting fixture, Karman has already done the work for you!

Bover – Skybell

If you can’t already tell, here at Sterling we love lights that give us the most modularbility (Modular-ability?) it doesn’t matter, we made it up but somehow you still know what we mean… The configurations of the Skybell fixture are endless! Whether you’re looking for a linear profile, curved profile, circular profile, or catenary, Bover has you covered! To top it off, they’re also available with indirect lighting. Chose from one of their many options customized to your own configuration. The Skybell is the perfect blend of architectural and decorative lighting!

Artika Pro – Convertible Pro

The Convertible Pro by Artika is a modern take on vanity lighting. Available in 2 foot or 3 foot, 3 finish options (and one of them is a wood finish!), and the ability to tilt to angle as needed. TRIAC dimming (0-10V on the way!) and 120V-347V to cover all of your project needs. Whether you’re applying makeup, trimming your beard, or just plain staring at your beautiful self, you have a reliable modern vanity light to assist.

Decimal - Ananas

When we saw the Cyrc line by Decimal, we fell in love with the story, when we saw the Ananas pendant, we fell in love with the product. It’s a 3D printed shade, using 100W recycled materials, and an amazing LED light source. Let’s keep it real, it’s an illuminated Pineapple, and we all love Pineapples and their inviting feel! Available in two sizes, 7W, 120V or 220V, dimmable, 2700K, 500lms (takes breath) and 93 CRI! The light that this fixture gives off just screams calm and comfort.. (or whispers it, I guess).

Andcosta - Armando

Armando is one of Andcosta’s newer fixtures that just speaks to us! This perforated curved metal shade adds a bit more personality to your space (we’re not calling you boring, I swear!). Available in a range of standard or custom finishes, the Armando is one of our top picks because of the personality behind it's shape and structure.

Eklipse - Proxi

The proxi linear fixture is a new found love for us. An award winning small form linear LED that can be completely hidden within your millwork while giving off an amazingly clean, crisp light. A magnetic strip on the back of the fixture provides a tactical way to install the light while it's technology is smart enough to adjust to any environment regulating it's light levels and physical temperature!

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