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Meet the Founder & CEO of Sterling Architectural Products!

Although I feel lucky to have had the right opportunity come along, I always knew I was going to start my own business.

I've always been an ambitious person - a self-starter, with my main goal- to provide quality lighting solutions and always maintaining the level of customer service and expertise I would expect if I were in the same position. So, in 2012 after receiving a degree in Electronics Engineering from Durham College, I started my lighting career at Fawoo Canada (Now known as Omnify Lighting).

For four years I worked in inside sales and tech support where my role included; handling quotes from in-house clients, testing new & defective products, reviewing shop drawings, creating custom panel drawings for projects, and project consultation. So as time passed, I took the knowledge I had learned from the inside and transitioned to outside sales by successfully growing in-house accounts and bringing in new key accounts.

My next venture was at Lightform Toronto where my role was Outside Sales. I excelled there by using my expertise to directly increase sales in the A&D market pushing decorative and architectural brands.

Fast Forward to 2017 and I decided to open up my own boutique lighting agency- thus, Sterling Architectural Products was born. With a vision to focus on quality, and unique lighting brands, I would take the knowledge I had acquired over my years in the lighting industry and focus on bringing beautiful projects to life.

From residential, to retail, to hospitality, to commercial, I believe that carrying brands to serve every one of my client's needs contributes to a successful project. Growing up with very little money showed me that many people strive for greatness but don't know the path to achieve it. I want to inspire those people and so I hope to be an example for the younger, ambitious group of lighting professionals who aspire to be bold and know that there is no great reward without risk. I look to one day be a thought leader and large player in the Toronto lighting market. Always dreaming big and never letting my fears minimize my potential.

For now, we are humbly growing the business by taking the time to work through your projects, balancing price, quality and lead time to ensure your design comes to life, without a hitch.

Looking forward to another exciting year working with you!

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